Trust, Safety & Insurance

The app uses your real-time location and as such, at any time T, Driver and Rider can share their trip status so a third party can see their location at any time. In order to protect you, TopazTaxi will retain your location and trip information as well as information about the times when you use our app at all times as long as permitted by law in case of any incident. 

Driver's are carefully vetted to ensure that each trip is perfectly secure and safe. When a rider requests a ride, we entreat the rider to make sure the details of the driver matches with the vehicle and driver that arrives for the trip. Details such as the car’s make, model, colour, and license plate, drivers name and phone number and your driver’s name are sent as soon as the trip is confirmed by the rider.

Likewise, the rider's name and number, pickup and dropoff locations are also made available to the driver. Thus the TopazTaxi team can easily give the report/statistics of the various trips done by a specific driver/ rider one a day/month/year and the specific pickups and drop-offs for each person at the exact time of each.

We respect your privacy and as such keep all personal information confidential except in dangerous incidents where we shall share these personal details with Third Party Authorities such as Police, BNI and such in an emergency situation.

Also, all drivers are covered with Commercial Comprehensive Coverage Insurance which shall cover riders in a case of an accident at the detriment of the rider.